A Machine for Every Application

Excavators Attachment

  • Excavator Bucket

    Floating Bush arrangement between dipper and bush increase life of pins & bushes.Wear resistant HARDOX material in lS 140 & JS200/210 buckets.Hard facing as standard in JS 140 & JS200/210 Buckets to get higher life.Robust tooth and pin locks increased durability of consumables.Bolt-on side Cutters are optional for enhancing excavation capability.Stiffener hanger plate for higher durability.

  • Hammer Master 2180

    • Higher impact Energy (5350 Joules) of HM 2l80 helps to achieve higher productivity. Standard ANTl BONK FIRING feature avoids any damage to internal Parts of breaker and the carrier Structure. Higher impact rate (bpm) of HM 2l80 helps to achieve productivity. Higher robust casing with HARDOX steel at bottom is added advantage to life of HM 2180.Compact Auto Grease System supplied as standard feature.

  • Clam Shell

    Used for placing objects up high in the Construction industry, to move Bulk material from one point to another, transporting materials from stock piles to conveyors, myriad of material - heavy loads of lumber, scrap metal and rocks. 1 .0 cu m Clam Shell is made of two sides that open and close like the shell of a clam. Technically two buckets are held together with the hinge 360 degree continuous rotation with full articulation.

  • Crusher Bucket

    0.60 cu m capacity with weight of 2465 kg. A Crusher Bucket is Cost effective solution for turning demolition rubble and site waste into useable material, eliminating hauling and disposal costs. Powered by the 20/21 ton excavator and travelling with the excavator, the Crusher Bucket eliminates the need to transport, hire or purchase and maintain separate mobile crushing equipment.

  • Orange peel Grab

    Orange Peel Grab fitted on 20 ton Excavator is a perfect attachment for solid Waste management and steel scrap handling industry. Comes with 4 or 5 tines, hydraulic Cylinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protection and are hydraulically cushioned. Oil distribution and Hydraulic hoses are protected in the carrier. Reinforced Tines are made of wear resistant steel of HB400.