Rock Breaker

The Rock breaker is a hydraulic-powered attachment, with strike rate of 600 to 1800 blows/min. JCB Rock breaker is ideal for breaking blasted rocks in quarries, tarmac or cement roads, solidified furnace slag, RCC structures, road work and airfield maintenance.

JCB Telescopic Dipper

1. Provide upto 1 m of extra reach when compared with standard dipper .
2. Maximum Dig Depth: 5.77m
3. Reach at ground from slew center: 6.35m
4. Maximum Load over height: 5.05m

Jaw Bucket

The jaw bucket consists of a two-parts. Hydraulically operated clam, performs the operation of excavating and grabbing. The jaw bucket can be used as an ordinary bucket for digging or as a grab for handling rocks and pipes.

Ditch Cleaning Bucket

This bucket is specially profiled for ditch cleaning or grading. Provision of drain holes at the bottom and sides allow easy drainage of water, while retaining weeds and solid waste.

Taper Ditching Bucket

The taper ditching bucket is specially designed with two taper angle buckets, to form clear taper sided channels, for drainage during operation. The bucket is supplied complete with bolt-on teeth.

Square Hole Bucket

The bucket of the attachments is uniquely designed to facilitate precision digging of square holes with a flat bottom of upto 36 inches width. It is especially suited for digging foundation for pillars etc.


TThe auger is mounted on the excavator end in place of the bucket. It can bore through even the toughest ground. The augers are perfect for putting in fence posts, buildings frame, anchor supports, road signs or for tree planting.

Ripper Tooth

The powerful ripper tooth is designed for breaking up hard surfaces such as tarmac and concrete. It comes with a replaceable tip.