Build in 'Q'

Latest hydraulics from Germany. Single Piece solid steel eccentric shaft.
Solid steel canopy.
Fibre glass hood with heat & sound insulation.

Ease of Operation

Comfortable operator platform with weight adjustable seat.
Ergonomically located controls with joystick.
Dual anti-vibration isolation system.

High Gradeability

Superior traction through high torque propulsion components.
Limited slip axles.
Switchable anti-slip System (SASS)

Easy Servicing

100% access to all hydraulic and engine components. Lockable diesel inlet to prevent vandalism. Water-proof control panel (IP 69). Towing pump as standard. Auto Dust removal feature


State of the art JCB engine.
Fuel Efficient.
In-house JCB service support.

Zero Maintenance Rollar

Maintenance free, lifetime lubricated central joint.
Auto dust removal system for air cleaner .
3 point pre-loader support for anti-vibration pads.