Air Filter, Battery & Roc

Air filter positioned for ground level access & removal for inspection. Heavy Duty Batteries for longer life. Side by side radiator and oil cooler for enchanced Cooling performance in adverse conditions.

Economy & Serviceability

Reliable engine with improved performance means more material for less fuel and low maintenance cost. Extended greasing intervals of boom base and boom to dipper pins. All the above lead to low operating cost.


Excellent round visibility. Enhanced upward vision to utilise maximum cutting and dumping capabilities, clear view of raised attachment and overhead obstacles. Clear view of tracks to position machine accurately.

Plexus Filtration System

1.5 micron absolute filtration, filters the entire tank every 4 hour, filters the entire system every 8 hour. Extends Hydraulic Oil life to 5000 hrs .

Tool Box

Lockable and Big enough to accommodate grease gun also. Conveniently positioned handrails for easy stepping on machine for regular checks. Worklamp for easy working in the dark.