Most Fuel Efficient

Wheeled Loader Attachment

  • Sweeper Collector

    Suitable to sweep roads, industrial subways, preparation of surfaces prior to asphalting. Heavy duty canopy gives added strength to take the knocks of everyday use. Floating frame system automatically follows the ground contour ensuring sweeper output. Large diameter steel and polypropylene brush segments for superior finish. Sweeping and hopper emptying hydraulically operated from the cab.

  • Wheel Loader Dozer Blade

    Easy design for conversion of Wheeled Loader to wheeled Dozer.Bi-Directional operation helps grading action both in forward and reverse for optimum grading.Dozer blade moves and pushes large amount of material quickly and easily, accomplishing jobs that would otherwise require dedicated equipment.Semi U shape design blade for providing strength and to achieve optimum Output.

  • Wheel Loader Shovel

    Designed for maximum performance and durability. Reversible three piece toe plates and multi piece toe plate protectors. Wide range of Buckets to suit different applications. Teeth protects the bucket from excessive wear.Quick fit teeth and flush fit teeth option available.

  • Wheel Loader Marble Bucke

    Specially designed to suit marble block handling application. Push plates and gussets provided at back of the buckets to suit pushing application and to increase strength.Reinforced plates at top of the buckets provides extra strength in Marble block application.

  • Wheel Loader Side Dump Bucket

    Design for safe and accurate placement of infill materials. Very useful attachment for tunnel and hilly terrain. Available as left or right hand options. Designed to operate from the loader auxiliary service. Allows the operator to face the traffic and reduces potential traffic hazards.


    Primarily used for Cleaning Ditches, Drainage Canals etc. Ditch Maintenance/Grading Buckets have a central reinforcing plate that gives added strength and rigidity. Drainage holes to reduce weigh/density during operation. Smooth-edged bucket is available in 0.22 cu m size with width of 1500mm. Wide and shallow design removes ditch sediment quickly. Ensures minimum time wastage on the job

  • Taper Ditching Bucket

    Specially designed to have Tapered Excavation for Cable Laying, Agricultural usage etc. Standard JCB wear parts and extended side plate reinforcement for extended service life. Double Box section cross beam increase structural integrity. Shapes both side and bottom of ditch in one pass. Handy bucket in rainy season and agriculture use

  • Augur

    Three different models with drilling torques of 1500Nm, 3500 Nm and 6000 Nm for mounting on different machines. Choice of Heavy Duty and Rock Duty to suit different Soil Strata. Standard 2'' hexagon drive with two mounting holes to accommodate various sizes of Augers.Choice of different sizes from 9'' to 36'' diameter and 1-2 m length to suit different applications. 1 m extended bar option is available to dig upto 2.2 m hole.


    Higher Operating weight of 425 &. Helps Stress wave transverse to the ground more effectively and efficiently. Higher impact Rate (bpm) of HM 360 helps to achieve higher productivity. Constant Blow Energy and higher impact Energy yields higher output at workplaces. HM 360 is perfectly matched with machine's geometry and JCB Carrier's hydraulic power pack to give maximum performance & output.

  • Compactor

    Suitable for Trench reinstatement and general ground compaction.Dipper mounted ensures that the operator is fully protected from effects of vibrations.Connects to the high now circuit, the unit requires only 24 lpm.In built protection valve safeguards the unit from Hydraulic pressure surges.Priority now to compactor enables maximum compaction at minimum engine RPM for optimum fuel efficiency.