A lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between moving surfaces. It may also have the function of transporting foreign particles. The property of reducing friction is known as lubricity. A good lubricant possesses the following characteristics:

  • High boiling point
  • Low freezing point
  • High viscosity index
  • Thermal stability
  • Corrosion prevention
  • High resistance to oxidation

Key Benefits

The comprehensive range of JCB lubricants has been approved by JCB's engineers and designers to ensure that your engine, transmission, hydraulic system and other key components are fully protected. The raw materials used come from a single source of crude oil and are totally traceable from ground to can, and they come with the back-up of JCB's trained global after sales network.

  • Wide range of specialist lubricants for all applications
  • High quality base oils
  • Blended with sophisticated additive packages
  • Antifreeze for all conditions
  • Quality service fluids for all applications
  • Selection of high quality lubricant handling equipment

Engine Oil


  • Oil Filter
  • Anti-drain seal
  • Filter element
  • Anti-syphon valve
  • Relief Valve


Filter type Screw-on canister (with drain facility)
Pressure to open by-pass valve 1.6 bar (23 lb/in2)
Oil pressure relief valve setting 4.5 - 5.5 bar (65 - 79 lb/in2)
Oil pressure switch setting 0.6 bar falling (9 lb/in2)
Oil pump Integral unit with relief valve

All machine hydraulic systems rely on a complex system of high precision components, which must be lubricated to the highest standard. Choosing the best hydraulic oil is vitally important to ensure continued efficiency and reliability of the system. As pressure increases to reduce operating costs, there is a temptation to swap quality hydraulic oils for lower cost alternatives. Before this occurs it is important to consider the impact on the performance and quality of your machine

Oil quality is critical to reliability of any engine

JCB engine oils designed specifically for the Dieselmax engine

JCB High Performance (HP) Engine Oil (CF-4 grade)

JCB Extreme Performance (EP) Engine Oil (CH-4 grade)

Oil Specification – SAE 15 W 40

JCB hydraulic oil is formulated to provide optimum anti-wear protection. Lower cost oils can provide up to 35% less which could lead to premature wear of key hydraulic components

JCB specifies a minimum cleanliness level in line with ISO4406 17/15/12 Cleanliness code. This can be as much as 30 times cleaner than lower cost alternatives, preventing potential abrasive and harmful particles.


Axle & Brake

Axle oils are formulated to help deliver the specific oxidation, shear stability and performance characteristics needed to best provide protection, power and efficiency for each application.

Protects axles and gears can reduce maintenance costs & extend vehicle life

deliver exceptional wear, pitting, bearing-failure and corrosion protection for heavy-duty axles


Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil should contain the following properties either naturally or by the use of additives

  • Lubricity
  • Film strength(c)
  • Correct viscosity
  • High viscosity index
  • Pour point
  • Demulsibility
  • Foam resistance
  • Chemical stability

Transmission Oil

Transmission oil is a highly specialized oil optimized for the special requirements of a transmission. JCB offer a wide selection of high quality gear and transmission oils, which meet every aspect of a vehicle's transmission system.

The range includes oils for gearboxes, torque converters, axles and oil immersed brakes.

All the oils have been developed and tested to ensure they meet or exceed the relevant industry specifications.


JCB greases play a vital part in offering the protection that can keep machinery up and running. The JCB grease range includes products specifically designed and developed to provide long life protection under the most extreme conditions.

Long life protection under extreme conditions.

Comprehensive range for all applications.

Optimise maintenance schedules, reduce cost.

Cooling System

Thermostat has a High Operating Range

  • Start to open at 89 Deg C.
  • Fully Open at 102 Deg C
  • High Water Temperature safety at 112 Deg C
  • Cooling System is a 14.5 PSI pressurised System
  • High Pressure System
  • Coolant Boiling Point Increased.
  • Better Cooling of Engine

Radiator and system components specially designed to withstand high pressures and temperature.

Important Advice

As Per Jcb Norms All Lubricant Oils And Greases Used In Machine Should Be Jcb Recommended (Genuine Jcb Products) Only In Order To Achieve Better Performance, Workability And Machine Life Which Will Save Time And Money.